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Are you looking for a company able to do a special project with your BMW? Anything? You came to the right place. We do smaller projects, such as a suspension setup, a brake upgrade (possibly with components of a car with bigger brakes), an aftermarket exhaust, a differential upgrade, installing a roll cage. But we also do much bigger projects…



Today, most of the automotive engines are managed by an ECU(Electronic Control Unit). This computer calculates the amount of fuel injected as well as the advance timing in function of several parameters such as the mixture, air temperature and density, engine revs, throttle position, battery tension, etc...

Service & Maintenance


PSG performs all kind of maintenance and repair for your car. However, we are specialised in BMW in general, and the ///M models in particular. We only work with quality products, and mostly with original parts. For all maintenance and repairs, we follow the specifications of the constructor…



About PSG

Frits Biesemans had a passion for fast BMWs since he was young. When the time came to buy his first car, it had to be a bimmer. And the next one must always be faster than the previous one.

As time goes by, he also became passionate for track days. Because of that, adjustments and upgrades needed to be done.

In the beginning, all upgrade works were performed on his own driveway. Soon enough, Frits ran into too much limitations. It was time to do things more professionally. A suitable industrial building was bought and equipped with proper tools to work on cars. Hence, Performance Shop Geel was born in 2007.

Therefore, upgrade works were no longer limited to Frits's own BMWs. Initally, the idea was purely to offer modification works to the customers, but then customers started to request us to do maintenance and repair works, too.

The popularity of PSG grew fast. Apparently there was a need for a company that works on BMWs with passion and respect, and to the extent that dares to think outside of the box to achieve a solution.

During the expansion of the company, wherever possible was chosen for quality infrastructure and competent employees. The suppliers and partners were selected

carefully, always with quality as the highest priority.

Thanks to the many years of experience, the focus on quality, and the constant search for improvements, Performance Shop Geel can count on a big list of

happy and returning customers.